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Meet the Owner of Navy Dylan

During this strange time in our country full of unknowns we'd like to take time to introduce you to the faces behind the amazing shops that make Warehouse3540 such a destination location for visitors and locals alike on the island of Kauai. Even though the Warehouse is temporarily closed we urge you to continue supporting these fantastic families in our community. Most have online shops that are still majorly up and running and is an excellent way to show your support until you can visit in person again.

Shannan Morgan is the owner of Navydylan - one of the first shops you see walking into Warehouse 3540. Click here to visit her shop online.

Why did you start your small business?

I started Navydylan to create an income for our nonprofit called One Life to Give, to find people who would want to be a part of a child’s education in Kenya, to have a creative outlet, and to be a bridge between artisans in Kenya and customers in Kauai that love some texture and funkiness in their home.

When was the moment you knew you were on to something?

When a customer came in and declared, “this is my happy place!“

What do you wish you could have told yourself at the start of your small business?

To take a loan from a friend and get PRODUCT in there. You can’t sell what you don’t have.

Who do you admire?

People I admire are woman in my life that don’t sit around talking about what they wish they could do but they actually just go and create, they go and let love lead. I love watching women like Katherine of By the Sea, Diane Yamaguchi of Mrs. Pearls, Lila Metzger, Sundey Dillberg, the women behind Amsha, Mercy House Global, Imani Collective, who are creating jobs and empowering others.

What is a super power you'd want for a day? Focus. Maybe that’s not a super power but I could use blinders at times to keep me focused on one task at a time.

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing? To get creative juices flowing... wait. When were they not flowing?! For me, I have to slow them down to stay focused and I look to the Lord to guide me on what step to take or what to create next since all inspiration is from Him.

What are your daily necessities? Laughing with those closest to me or hearing someone share what’s on their heart.

What's your favorite product in your shop? My fav product in the shop is our soapstone Shaka ring holders of coarse! It was a concept in 2015 and with my hubby‘s help these babies have come a long way (literally! They are hand carved in a tiny village in Kenya). It is really cool to see how the Shakas have given the family that is carving them, a steady income and they have been able to cover their children’s school and university fees.

When you're not in your shop, where are you most likely to be found? If I’m not in my shop you can find me at the beach with my kids or hanging out with my hubby John.

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